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About me



Lighting designer

Light manager


Born in 1977. 

Photographer, videographer, stage manager and light designer for live shows and events.


He lives and works in Hossegor, Bordeaux 

In 1992 he studied photography in Belgium.

In 1994 he left school to become an assistant and then a photographer in fashion and advertising studios in Lille and Paris (Newlook, Typ's, Evrard Studio).


He then worked on board sports for the specialized press and then devoted himself to more personal subjects as well as to reporting.

In 2002 he joined the Exmundo agency until 2004. 

Within the framework of Lille 2004 European Cultural Capital; he works on the opening and operation of La Condition Publique (concert hall, cultural venue) where he is a light manager and photographer.

He collaborates with the national press (Le Monde, Liberation, Courrier International, Le Monde Diplomatique, La Croix) dance companies and cultural venues 

(Bobigny Theater, La Condition Publique).



• Paris (Galerie Lhomond, Galerie Emotion)

• Perpignan ("From Kurdistan to Calais" / Visa Festival / Exmundo collective)

• Lisbon (dance photos / French Embassy / photos of the Adrénaline Bdx dance company)

• Lille ("From Kurdistan to Calais" / festival Les            Transphotographic)

• Roubaix (portraits /  Heritage Day at La Condition  Public)

• Bordeaux ("I live in a city" / Mollat bookstore)

• San Sebastian ("El dia de los muertos" / N Concept Store)

• Seignosse ("El dia de los muertos" "La Foret" / Le Surfing)

• Biarritz ("El dia de los muertos" / Archi'made)

• Bordeaux ("El dia de los muertos" / Wednesdays       photographic)

• Bordeaux ("El dia de los muertos" / Living with art)

Main topics covered:

• El dia de los muertos in Mexico

• Traditional Basque carnivals

• Urban visions, travel impressions (Mexico, USA, Europe, Morocco, Indonesia)

• Calais after the closure of the Sangatte refugee center

• Iran

• Kurdistan (Iraq, Iran, Turkey)

• Alternative landscapes ...


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