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In the Basque rural atmosphere, arrived  the month of February,  popular festivities of a pagan character take place in many cases during the three days preceding the  Ash Wednesday  and  in different ways in different localities. 

They are a reaction to  Christian sacrifice of  Lent.

The  carnival  where  Inauteria  in Basque, was  the last opportunity of the winter for young people to make a fundraising whose profits were used to  organize a big banquet.

It is also important to mention that the violation of the rules which  accompanied  this carnival is also not the same today and that it exists  more "valves".

There are legends  relating many years ago to a few people in the village who disguised themselves as animals to raze houses, steal and rape the women there. Which would justify the bloodstains on some characters.

During the  Francoism  many of the celebrations that formed these carnivals were banned.

Carnival has also changed over the years, but its goal remains: to uninhibit oneself during these days.

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